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Who We Are ?

We are a dedicated team of experienced management professionals partnering with businesses in unlocking true potential and mentoring them to prosperity. We collaborate with you in understanding your mission and the current state to plot the course for sustained business health and growth. Our team of consultants have wide experience across industry sectors and deep domain knowledge in their respective functions. Our team has expertise spanning business strategy, business development, marketing and sales, supply chain management, operations, and human resources development

Our Services

Business Consulting

  •  Change & Transformation

    •  Many business concerns are mostly issues of change and adaptation in line with changes happening in the external world.
    •  Customer preferences, supplier ecosystem, digital competition, employee demographics etc
    •  Leaders and business stay fit when they scan for the signals of change and respond with measures in their strategies and capabilities.
    •  Leaders and business stay fit when they scan for the signals of change and respond with measures in their strategies and capabilities.
  •  Growth & Sustainability

    •  The size of the business or the career of a leader may reach a point where shifting to a higher gear may be in order. Where are the white spaces, where the blind spots are and questions such these prompt newer options for growth and development.
    •  New offerings, new channels, new products, fresh look at company culture, a business health check are various things that could unleash the reserve every enterprise has.
    •  We collaborate with leaders on finding viable options for sustained growth.
  •  Innovation& Excellence

    •  The businesses may face disruption from upstarts; perhaps raw materials costs are skyrocketing ; or meetings waste too much time; may be the selling process needs a relook. We then pause and carefully examine whether the issue needs some routine maintenance or a fresh critical look and new ideas.
    •  We help facilitate an innovative culture in teams and organisations.

Startup Consulting

  •  Feasibility Study

    •  Business Model
    •  Value Proposition
    •  Financial Assessments
    •  Competitive Analysis
    •  Customer Journey Mapping
    •  Segmentation & Market size
  •  Developing Hypothesis

    •  Positioning Statement
    •  Creating Minimum viable products
    •  Creating Minimum viable products
    •  Evaluating Profit and Growth potential
    •  Developing alternative Marketing strategies
    •  Testing Communications and Distribution Channels
  •  Fundraising

    •  Bootstrapping
    •  Setting Milestone
    •  Finding funding recourses
    •  Consistent Targeted Actions
    •  Determining Value of Startup
    •  Creating Winning Fundraising Material
  •  Product Launch

    •  Crafting offer
    •  Execute-Measure
    •  One Page Marketing Pla
    •  Setting up Selling Strategies
    •  Identifying Customer Touch Points
    •  Foundation for Building Strong Brand
  •  Growth

    •  Viral Loop &Key Metrics
    •  Growth Engines
    •  Lead Conversion
    •  Sales Funnel & Magnet
    •  Marketing Material For Growth
    •  Key leverage points & partnerships
    •  Marketing Automation Strategies

Branding Consulting

  •  Branding for Future

    •  For the brand name and never fades away
  •  UI UX Design & Development

    •  Creative user interface for efficient usability
  •  Website & App Developement

    •  Comunicate the best story in the better way
  •  Next level digital marketing

    •  Open up new streams of innovation strategy
  •  Create & Rank content

    •  From building from scratch untile ranking
  •  Quality lead generation

    •  When you want leads
  •  Network & Prototype cell

    •  Meet new pepole, Create new Business
  •  Photography & AD Films stories

    •  Create the best known Promotional

Health Consulting

  •  Health Branding

    •  We are impact-driven Consultants the biggest health challenges of our time like ending cancer, curing diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s, and delivering quality care to everyone in the world.
    •  Since 2011, we have Consulted in more than 150 health Company . our plan is to Consult and support thousands of entrepreneurs who are working to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world.
    •  Saifive Health Consulting showcases you, your company and the progress you are making via ongoing storytelling.
  •  Market Partnerships

  •  Fundraising

  •  Transformer Community Building

  •  Health Tv Channels

  •  Magazine Building

  •  Health Festivals

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